Using the Engagement List Page

The Engagement List page is your home page in Engagement. It lists the engagements created by your firm, with the most recently opened engagements at the top. From here, you can click an engagement name to open that engagement or click Start New Engagement to create a new one.

You can reach the Engagement List page from any other location in Engagement by clicking in the navigation bar.

As your firm adds more engagements, the search and pagination features described below can help you efficiently find the engagements you need.

My Recent Engagements

Engagement list displays the top 25 most recently opened engagements, including new roll forward or copy engagements.

Search Results

To search for an engagement, do the following:

  1. Above the Engagement List, select the search field. You can search by:
    • Client Name
    • Client ID
  2. Type at least one character in the search text box. The engagement list updates automatically to display only the clients that match your search criteria.

    Note: Access to the client is denied if the permission requirements are not met.

Return to 'My Recent Engagements' by clearing all search criteria from the text box.

Pagination Features on Search Results

The Engagement List page defaults to display 25 engagements at one time. This setting provides the best performance when you are working with the grid.

Increase the number of engagements displayed to 50 or 100 by selecting a different option from the Results per Page list beneath the grid.

If you have more engagements than can be displayed on the page at one time, you can use the pagination buttons on the bottom right to move between pages in the list.

  • Click a page number to go to that specific page.
  • Click to go to the next page or to go to the last page of the list.
  • Click to view the previous page or to go to the first page of the list.