Using the Engagement License Status Dashboard

The dashboard displays the CCH Axcess™ Engagement licenses the firm has purchased. It will help you manage your license usage, so you know if you are approaching your license limit. There are 4 different CCH Axcess™ Engagement products that can be licensed:

  1. CCH Axcess™ Engagement Essentials, displays as “Essentials”.

  2. CCH Axcess™ Engagement Pro, displays as “Pro”.

  3. CCH Axcess™ Engagement Knowledge Coach, displays as “Knowledge Coach”.

  4. CCH Axcess™ Engagement Knowledge Coach PCR, displays as “Knowledge Coach”.

A firm can purchase either Knowledge Coach or Knowledge Coach PCR; therefore, both products will just be referred to as “Knowledge Coach”.

The Engagement License Status dashboard will display 4 pieces of information for each product:

  1. “Licensed” – the total number of licenses purchased

  2. “Used” – the number of licenses used up until this point in time for the subscription period

  3. “Remaining” – the number of licenses remaining for the subscription period

  4. “Subscription End Date” – the end date for the subscription period

Licenses not used before the subscription period will not roll forward to the next period.