In a Knowledge Coach engagement, diagnostics are system checks that are built into forms to ensure that your audit is complete and accurate. They can also provide guidance for performing the audit. Diagnostics display as red text in the form cells where potential issues exist. As you update a form, the diagnostics update dynamically to reflect the new information.

Identifying Forms with Diagnostics

You can quickly identify which forms have unresolved diagnostics from the Engagement View. A Knowledge Coach form that has open diagnostics displays a gray dot in the Status column. You can then open the form by clicking the form name.

Tip: Click Refresh KC Diagnostics on the toolbar to update the diagnostics information.

Reviewing and Resolving Diagnostics in a Form

When you are viewing a form with diagnostics, a number badge displays above the Diagnostics button in the right toolbar. This number indicates the number of diagnostics in the form.

Diagnostics display as red text within the body of a form. You can scroll through the form to see the diagnostics, or you can click the Diagnostics button to open the Diagnostics pane. The Diagnostics pane displays all the diagnostics in one place. Clicking the icon next to a diagnostic takes you to the question that has an issue so you can resolve the diagnostic. You can also filter and search the list of diagnostics, if needed.

Review the diagnostics to determine how to resolve the issue. As you make changes in the form, the number of diagnostics changes based on the answers to your questions. Some changes will resolve the diagnostics, but other changes might cause new diagnostics to display.

Deleting Diagnostics

If you have determined that a diagnostic does not need to be addressed, you can delete it. Multiple diagnostics can be deleted at one time.

Warning: Once you have deleted diagnostics, they are removed permanently. For this reason, we recommend addressing diagnostics rather than deleting them. This practice is especially important for diagnostics that indicate potential errors or that pertain to risks.

To delete diagnostics, do the following on the form where the diagnostics display:

  1. Click the Diagnostics button.

  2. Select the check box for the diagnostics that you want to delete.

  3. Click above the diagnostics list.