Updating Industry Content to the Latest Version

In a Knowledge Coach engagement, if a new version of industry content becomes available after you've created an engagement, an Update Available button with a red dot displays on the overview page. This button is only visible when updates are available.

If appropriate, you can apply the updated content version to an engagement using the procedure below.

Note: Updating an engagement does not create a new version like roll forward does. It just applies the latest updates to the current engagement. All responses, comments, and notes in the engagement are retained during the update process.

  1. Click the engagement on the Engagement List page.

  2. From the Engagement View page, click KC Update Available.

  3. For each title that has an update, select the version that you want to apply when you update the engagement. You can also choose to not update the engagement.

  4. Select an option for each form in the Update Settings column if necessary.

    Note: The option you select in the Update Settings column for any related form will also set the same setting for other related rated forms.

  5. Click Update.