Workpaper Monitor Overview

Workpaper Monitor is a desktop application that allows you to open, edit, and save changes to Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel®, and PDF workpapers directly from Engagement. Using Workpaper Monitor reduces the need to download a workpaper before working on it, and then reupload it when you have completed your changes.


  • To edit a workpaper, you must have the native application that the file was created in installed on your computer.

You can work with multiple workpapers for multiple engagements at one time using Workpaper Monitor. The application tracks who is currently editing a workpaper and displays that information in Engagement View. Other users can open and view a workpaper that is being edited but cannot make any changes until the workpaper is released by the active user or another user removes the active user. The status information updates automatically as users access and close workpapers. You do not need to refresh to see the current status.

Workpaper Monitor also tracks when edits are saved for Excel®, Word, or PDF workpapers or when a new version is uploaded. If changes are saved to a workpaper that has a reviewer sign-off, the icon displays in the Engagement View Status column when the active user closes the workpaper.

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