Editing Journal Entries

You can edit a journal entry from the Journal Entries pane on the right-side of the page. After you save your edits, the appropriate trial balances, leadsheets, and financial statements update automatically, although you might need to refresh your browser to see the updated information.


  • If needed, you can leave the journal entry pane open while navigating to other pages within the same engagement.
  • Eliminating journal entries are only available on the consolidated view of a consolidated engagement. Also, tax journal entries are not yet available for consolidated engagements.

To edit a journal entry, do the following:

  1. Click the engagement on the Engagement List page.

    Note: See Using the Engagement List Page for information about using the pagination and search features to find an engagement in the list.

  2. Click Add Journal Entries > View Journal Entries on the toolbar from any page in the application other than the Recycle Bin page.
  3. If you are working in a consolidated engagement, click in the gray navigation bar at the top of the page and select the entity you want to work with.
  4. Click on the Journal Entry card.
  5. Make changes, as needed.
    • To change the journal entry type, click the correct journal entry type box at the top of the window.

      Note: If you change the journal entry type, the journal entry is assigned the next available number for the new journal entry type selected.

    • To change the subsidiary account selected for an eliminating journal entry, select a different subsidiary from the list in the first column. This option is only available in the consolidated view of a consolidated engagement.
    • To edit an amount, click into a Debit or Credit cell for a line item, and enter the new amount. Be sure the journal entry is in balance before saving.
    • To add a new journal entry line, click into the empty row at the bottom of the journal entry table. Enter the account number or name, and then enter amounts.
    • To delete a journal entry line, click at the end of the line.
    • To change the roll forward option, select a different option in the Roll forward box.

    • To add a workpaper reference, begin typing the index or name of the workpaper you want to reference from the journal entry. When you see the workpaper you need, select it.
    • Note: The workpaper you are referencing must already be uploaded to the Engagement View before you can add a reference link to it. See Referencing Workpapers from a Journal Entry for more information.

  6. Click Save and Add to save the entry and add another journal entry or Save and Close to save the journal entry and exit the Edit pane.
  7. Click at the top right of the pane to close it.