Downloading a Workpaper

Downloaded workpapers are saved to the Downloads folder on your local drive, or to another folder defined by your browser and browser settings.

  1. Click the engagement on the Engagement List page.

    Note: See Using the Engagement List Page for information about using the pagination and search features to find an engagement in the list.

  2. Locate the workpaper on the Engagement View page.

    Tip: You might need to expand the node or folder that holds the item you need.

  3. Do either of the following.

    Note: If you have installed Workpaper Monitor and click the name of a Microsoft® Excel® or Microsoft® Word file, the workpaper will open instead of being downloaded. Workpaper Monitor cannot be used with consolidated engagements at this time.

    • For a workpaper that is not a Microsoft® Excel® or Microsoft® Word file, click the workpaper name. You can also use this method for workpapers in consolidated engagements.
    • Click in the Actions column for the workpaper, and then select Download.